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How Smart Lights Will Make You Smarter

Be smarter than your friends with smart lights.
Be smarter than your friends with smart lights.

Sometimes I feel that my house is smarter than me. Modern home technology is all about making the house smarter and more efficient. Nowadays, we can talk to our remotes or have a robot vacuum on the floor. With technology rapidly advancing around us, it’s time we move with it. Everything is connected through Wi-Fi, making homes more user-friendly, and the user happier. One of the modern innovations of home technology is “smart light”.

The words “smart light” sound like a product that Apple would push, but contrary to their title, they are reasonably cheap. A smart light is any LED light bulb that has internet capabilities, meaning it can connect to the internet to be controlled remotely, put on a timer, or even change colours. They are one of the most sought after products for homes, and they have a huge market behind them.

So the question is raised, “Can smart lights really make you smarter?” For me, understanding how technology can be adapted into our everyday lives to make our processes more efficient– makes you smarter. Think about it. If you understand that your cleaning lady costs $100 every other week then you’re spending roughly $2,600 a year. Roomba, the efficient robot vacuum, has products that sell anywhere between $249.99 to $899.99. That’s savings of roughly $1,700 if you buy the most expensive vacuum.

In the conversation of smart lighting, the same concept can be applied. We all forget to turn off the lights when we leave our homes. According to the Energy Information Administration, the average residential monthly electric bill was $111.67 in 2017. That’s a yearly cost of around $1,340. Now, some variables go into these calculations that can affect what you may pay for your lighting. House size, location, access to power lines and other factors may make your lighting bill differ from others. However, these are averages for the sake of my argument.

While the technology for smart lighting is rapidly moving, there are already products that will remember to turn off the lights when you don’t. Philips’ smart lighting options have taken the marketplace by storm. They now offer motion sensors that will turn off and turn on lights in a room for you. There are also applications on your phone that you can set up to turn off the lights in your home if you forgot to do so. Not only will these options save you money, but will also save you valuable time that can be used to do other things. No more spending money and your own time to figure out and pay your electric bill.

My argument for smart lighting making you smarter doesn’t only just save you money. Another massive benefit of setting up smart lighting in your life is the ability to combine Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based service that offers ambient computing and voice activation, with your smart lights. You never have to get up to turn off or turn on your lights again after you make this “smart” move. Connecting Alexa to your lights will give you peace of mind and is just undeniably cool. Saying “Alexa, turn off my lights” just makes you feel smarter, knowing a computer will turn off your lights when you get into bed.

Not only this, but you can set moods with your lights. You can customize your lighting options to set the mood for a particular setting. “Hey Alexa, it’s party time”, and just like that, you are throwing an unforgettable party. “Hey Alexa, it’s time to get to work,” and just like that, you are completing that project you wanted to hold off until Thursday.

In addition to this, you can set the lights to “move” with the music or type of vibe that fills the room. When you’re playing those blue tunes when you’re feeling down, your smart lights can pick up on it and meet the type of environment with a blue shade cast across the room. When you got that raise from work you’ve been waiting on and play those upbeat jams, the lights will read it and share your excitement with you with a yellow tone.

It’s truly amazing how technology is moving in our society. In the one minute you blink, you are introduced to a brand new technology. From self-efficient air conditioning systems to robot vacuums, your life is becoming increasingly more efficient. You’re saving time, you’re saving money and ultimately, you’re becoming smarter. The different smart lighting options available today will grant you peace of mind and boost your IQ, virtually. Don’t just take my word for it, try them out for yourself.

Arthur is a ghostwriter on MyRoomLights and have been writing for some websites as well. He is a dedicated technology writer and a poet who has been on the blogging industry for 5 years and counting.