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If You’re A Gamer Then Add This to Your Set-Up Right Now!

Setup your gaming lights like your favorite Youtubers.
Setup your gaming lights like your favorite Youtubers.

Gaming and Esports are very hot topics among teenagers and young adults right now. Between owning the games themselves, or watching their favourite YouTubers like NinjaPewDiePie, or JuegaGerman, there is an abundance of hype about gaming. One similarity between most streamers is that their setups include an amazing light display. 

Game room lighting is good for the player’s performance, and the perfect game room lights can make all the difference. In this article, I will talk about how smart lights will affect your performance positively. Take a look here to see just how incredible the growth of Esports is.

Smart lights and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it be the game room colours and ambient lighting, or the actual light bulbs in the ceiling, smart lights can help improve your experience. Products such as the Nanoleaf help improve the quality of the lighting in the room, as it will correspond to the game you are playing, giving the experience a more dramatic effect, further drawing you in. Any lighting system that is immersive toward the game being played will help improve the performance as the user will be more drawn into what is happening. 

In the gaming sector of the smart light market, Phillips is leading the way, and they are getting excellent reviews on their products. The Phillips Hue Sync is a state of the art, cutting edge lighting system that draws the game out of the screen into the whole game room. The Hue Sync is the surround sound style lighting system that every gamer must have if they want to take it to the next level. 

Ninja, the most popular YouTube gamer, has an amazing $50,000 gaming setup, with most of that money poured into his lighting setup, and most of the lights being smart lights. Obviously, the average gamer is not going to spend $50,000 on setup, but following Ninja’s setup, it seems important to him that he has perfect game room lighting. For the perfect starter ambient light, to give your game room the best lighting and colour, I would recommend the LifeSmart LED Panel. Being only $60, it won’t break your bank, and it will help give you the perfect lighting, all while being controlled by an app on your smartphone. 

The fame and glamour surrounding the types of people that have great light setups with their gaming don’t stop there. You can typically find Damien Lillard, Gordan Hayward, Cam Newton and many other professional athletes in the gaming world. Many of their setups include great lighting setups. Each of these stars will go live with their gameplay and produce great watching content for viewers around the world. 

If you are new to gaming, having a cheap and affordable lighting option can really enhance your gameplay. One option is the LED strip from Kontrol Freek. It’s on sale for $24.99. While being hunkered down in your house from COVID-19, now may just be a good time to upgrade your gaming world. This LED strip features low heat and will light up your room to give your eyes the boost they need when in gameplay. Another cheap option is the LED strip from Wave Lights. Their product is on sale right now for $21.99 (originally $39.99) and it comes with a remote. Both options can be viable among so many others to deck your walls and improve your gaming experience. 

Realistically, you can’t go wrong in deciding which and how many lights you may need for gaming. Nowadays you see top gamers use gorgeous lighting setups to improve gameplay and this market has now transitioned to the retailers. Game room lighting will become a growing product and sector as the ESports and gaming world increases every year. More and more gamers see their gaming idols and want to emulate the type of experience they have. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the LED lighting and game room light industry take-off. 

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